Path Clearing on the Holy Mountain : #2

I got this news the other day from Andrew Buchanan :

“I’m pleased to tell you that we can offer you a place on the 2017 Path-clearing Pilgrimage.”

So, starting in early May of next year together with 18 others I’ll be traveling from London via Thessaloniki, and  Ouranopolis to Daphne & thence to a monastery on the Holy Mountain. I am double-plus pumped! It looks like we have participants from Belgium, France, Australia, Greece, together with a host from the UK & myself from the US.

Good job I got some practice sweeping leaves and trimming bushes in the back yard at home yesterday afternoon. I wonder whether we should bring hand tools with us — a joke, honest!

For a really great slideshow of recent views of Mount Athos from footpaths take a look at Mount Athos on Walkopedia.