In October of 2016 I joined a group from the Friends of Mount Athos on a tour of Cyprus. During this week long pilgrimage (or was it a jamboree ?) to sites in both the north & south side of the island I became friendly with a chap from Guernsey in the Channel Islands. In his conversations with me he gaily regaled me with tales of life in the Mount Athos Path Clearing group which he had been part of earlier that year, and he encouraged me to apply to join the group. This I did & since I was also constructing my personal web presence I thought that I would create a web site oriented towards the FoMA Project to Clear the Footpaths of Mount Athos.

On this my site you’ll find details of preparation for the 2017 expedition and hopefully I’ll post blog entries of my experiences in the working parties illustrated with copious photographs of a digital nature.

Reader Mark Pearson (OCA).

The header image is from a ‘picture essay’ on The Guardian website entitled :

The holy mountain: monks of Mount Athos – photo essay

The article itself has a remarkably sympathetic tone considering its published in The Guardian.